Peaceful Highlands

The French Prealps

A place where on clear days the horizon stretches forever, embracing valleys and plateaus on one side, higher peaks and chains on the other: the Chartreuse is at the heart of this astounding scenery.

Jérémie Rossetto

Rare species:

Black grouse

Mountain galliformes are endangered in France, the Black grouse most of all. In the Prealps, in the Hauts de Chartreuse, hikers are asked not to leave paths, to avoid disturbing them during the tough winter...

Conservation projects

The beautiful Chartreuse Regional Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity of great value. Three 'Natura 2000' sites are found within it. One of their highlights is the rare Black grouse or Tétras lyre, iconic alpine bird that needs protection from hunting: the strict quotas are too often exceeded by hunters.

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Wildlife portraits

The amazing wallcreeper is hard to spot, as it lives along vertical rocks high up in the Chartreuse Park. When it spreads its wings, it resembles a giant butterfly

Celebrating Nature

I’m an Italian -South African writer based in France. Like many, travelling closer in recent times has made me rediscover our local hidden gems. I have picked up my paint brush and now creative partners are joining in the journey. This is the story behind The Wild Charm Factory...

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Bespoke jewels:

The Pine Cone Charm

This is the first of our brand new collection of sterling silver, rhodium plated Nature-inspired charms: each one of them has been created with love to represent a different Wild Chapter in the book of protected areas celebrated by The Wild Charm Factory's line of products.

The Pine Cone Charm is inspired by the beauty of the Chartreuse Forest in the French Prealps.

The Wild Charm

The Wild Charm collection is inspired by Nature and custom made with exceptional care by Desert Diamonds. Each jewel is specially designed by the founder of The Wild Charm Factory to reflect a rare or symbolic species.

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Jérémie Rossetto


Local photographers who have a passion for Nature and the places they live in and know so well, showcase the natural gems and the beautiful landscapes of the Chartreuse and French Prealps.

Limited edition prints

The selected images are created by highly specialized, often published authors, who care deeply for the environment. Passionate photographers are welcome to show or sell their work via The Wild Charm Factory.

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