Silvana Olivo

Founder, The Wild Charm Factory

I’m an Italian – South African freelance writer based in France, I published a few books and spent many years in the eco-safari tourism industry.

My whole life I have promoted wildlife conservation through writing, fundraising initiatives and ecotourism.

After the premature loss of my husband Angelo in 2018, and inspired by his vitality, I’ve picked up the painting brush, eager to learn to paint and to adjust to the new reality through art, friendship and travel - with our young son Steve.

In recent times, travelling closer has made us rediscover our own local hidden gems, which turned out to be the key to a new creative initiative…

My journey draws inspiration from Nature while finding ways to help protect the wild. This is the story behind the Wild Charm Factory.

What is the Wild Charm Factory?

The Wild Charm Factory is a project to celebrate the hidden gems of Nature and of the cultural heritage surrounding us, which are at the root of our wellbeing. I believe that more than ever Nature, Art and History should inspire our way forward in a rapidly changing world.

I focus on one special place at a time: each of these ‘chapters’ showcases a region with its protected areas, endangered species, and related conservation projects. Art and local traditions are also explored, for the pleasure of the process and to highlight what makes the places special.

Through my resulting company and brand, and thanks to creative partners that are joining in the project, I then select, create or source bespoke, Nature-themed items relating to each chapter: portraits of fauna and flora, signature jewels, fine art photography originating from the chosen regions, and soon other articles reflecting their uniqueness.

Eco-friendly events and weddings will be proposed too within the resulting partnerships. A percentage of sales will help conserve biodiversity for future generations through the described projects.

Starting from France and Italy, and aiming for other places soon, I am grateful for the like-minded people sharing The Wild Charm Factory’s vision.