Silvana Olivo

Founder, The Wild Charm Factory

I’m an Italian – South African freelance writer based in France, I published a few books and spent many years in the eco-safari tourism industry.

My whole life I have promoted wildlife conservation through writing, fundraising initiatives and ecotourism.

My journey draws inspiration from Nature while finding ways to help protect the wild. This is the story behind the Wild Charm Factory.

What is the Wild Charm Factory?

The Wild Charm Factory celebrates the hidden gems of Nature. I create, source or select art and nature-themed items reflecting the uniqueness of rare species and of the special places where they live.

Each chapter showcases a special place with its protected areas, endangered species and related conservation projects that inspire my art and The Wild Charm Factory's creative initiatives. Follow the blog of The Wild Charm Factory’s journey and visit the shop (a % supports biodiversity).