Wild Heart of Italy

The Central Apennines

You could get lost in deep beech forests, cross flowery meadows or climb wild rocks and hear the golden eagle’s cry, while you still cherish in your heart the sound of the ancient bells of medieval monasteries.

Maurizio Biancarelli

Rare species:

Mountain lilies and wolves

Italy has the highest variety of native vascular flora in Europe. There are 200 species of orchids in Tuscany alone. In the central Apennines there are also endemic newts, bears, wolves...

Conservation projects

The Alps in northern Italy have the highest number of butterflies in Europe. Thanks to citizen science platforms, their monitoring in the country has recently revealed an equivalent number of rare endemic species in the central Apennines, but they’re tiny, isolated populations on high mountains needing urgent protection...

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Wildlife portraits

Rare butterflies like Apatura ilia live in the Casentino forests of Tuscany. Wings with mesmerizing iridescent colours, or camouflaged as soft leaves...

Celebrating Nature

I’m an Italian -South African writer based in France. Like many, travelling closer in recent times has made me rediscover our local hidden gems. I have picked up my paint brush and now creative partners are joining in the journey. This is the story behind The Wild Charm Factory...

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Bespoke jewels:

Rose Gold Mountain Fritillaria Lily earrings

We have hand-crafted these sterling silver earrings with rose gold plating and yellow diamonds to reflect the beauty of the rare Fritillaria montana lily found in the wild heart of central Italy's mountains, celebrated by our focus on the hidden gems of Nature.

The Wild Charm

The Wild Charm collection is inspired by Nature and custom made with exceptional care by Desert Diamonds. Each jewel is specially designed by the founder of The Wild Charm Factory to reflect a rare or symbolic species.

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Maurizio Biancarelli


Local photographers who have a passion for Nature and the places they live in and know so well, showcase the natural gems, beautiful landscapes and special people of the wild heart of Italy.

Limited edition prints

The selected images are created by highly specialized, often published authors, who care deeply for the environment. Passionate photographers are welcome to show or sell their work via The Wild Charm Factory.

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