Vibrant Countryside

of Eastern France

Isère’s valleys are surrounded by dramatic mountain views, while further north Burgundy is known not only for its legendary wine!

Maurizio Biancarelli

Rare species:

Montagu's harrier

Among many wildlife stories of this beautiful countryside is the life of a slender migratory raptor species from Africa, whose nests suffer a grim fate each summer, deep in the fields and marshes...

Conservation projects

I have chosen to support the project conducted with drones by the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, to save the highly endangered Montagu’s Harrier (Circus pygargus) in the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region of France where I live.

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Wildlife portraits

Considered the most striking tailed amphibian in Europe, the marbled newt is endangered and very rare in France. It was recently found in Puisaye, Burgundy.

Celebrating Nature

I'm an Italian-South African writer based in France. Like many, travelling closer in recent times has made me rediscover our local hidden gems. I have picked up my paint brush and now creative partners are joining in the journey. This is my story and the reason for The Wild Charm Factory...

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Bespoke jewels:

Silver Hawk Wings cuff and ring

We have designed a special jewel in sterling silver with black diamonds, recalling the grey and black-tipped wings of the endangered Montagu’s harrier (male). Cuff and matching ring contribute towards its protection.

The Wild Charm

The Wild Charm collection is inspired by Nature and custom made with exceptional care by Desert Diamonds. Each jewel is specially designed by the founder of The Wild Charm Factory to reflect a rare or symbolic species.

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Maurizio Biancarelli


Local photographers who have a passion for Nature showcase the natural gems, the beautiful landscapes and the special places they know so well.

Limited edition prints

The selected images are created by highly specialized, often published authors, who care deeply for the environment. Passionate photographers are welcome to show or sell their work via The Wild Charm Factory.

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