Amazing Zambezi

Southern Africa's wildest places

There is a stretch of land in Africa where wildlife is bountiful and time stands still… A magical region where all river systems drain into the Zambezi, the Great River that is at the centre of the wildest places found in Southern Africa.

Rare species:


Southern Africa is home to the greatest concentration of rhinos as well as elephants on Earth. The fascination with these powerful mammals, who have a fragile future, never ends. So much is going on in the field to try to preserve their viable populations and habitat.

Conservation projects

The reintroduction of both black and white rhinos in their original ecosystems in Zimbabwe and the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned or injured elephants as well as primates in Zambia are projects that are close to my heart and are being actively promoted in different ways. Follow how this is happening and how you too can get involved.

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Wildlife portraits

Solitary, shy and nocturnal, pangolins are the only mammals covered in keratinous scales, which is what is causing their rapid decline. They resemble armoured anteaters and they are now the most trafficked animal on the planet. Their tongue is almost as long as their body.

Celebrating Nature

I'm an Italian-South African writer based in France. Drawing inspiration from Nature, I have recently turned to art as a way to discover our local hidden gems and to celebrate wildlife's endangered species. This is the story of The Wild Charm Factory...

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Bespoke jewels:

The Baby Elephant Charm

Straight out of the African bush, our endearing Baby Elephant Silver Charm & Pendant was conceived to hang suspended from a necklace or hoop earrings, as a reminder of how precious and precarious is the most iconic mammal on Earth.

The piece has been designed in celebration and support of Game Rangers International's elephant rescue and rehabilitation project in Zambia, and is available in three variants: black, blue or brown eyes and a matching trunk-tip diamond.

The Wild Charm

The Wild Charm collection is inspired by Nature and custom made with exceptional care by Desert Diamonds. Each jewel is specially designed by the founder of The Wild Charm Factory to reflect a rare or symbolic species.

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Local photographers who have a passion for Nature and the places they live in and know so well, showcase the natural gems and the beautiful landscapes of Southern Africa's wild places.

Limited or open edition prints

The selected images are supplied by authors who care deeply for the African environment.

Passionate photographers are welcome to sell their work via The Wild Charm Factory to support a local project.

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