There's a whole wild world out there...

Image By: Maurizio Biancarelli

Drawing inspiration from Nature,

This is a creative journey.

The Wild Charm Factory is a project to celebrate and cherish the hidden gems of Nature.

We create or source unique products inspired by the wild: artistic portraits, bespoke jewellery, nature photography, eco-friendly events and more.

Part of proceeds goes to select biodiversity projects.

Let the wild charm you! One chapter at a time…

Thank you for supporting a green brand!

The Wild Charm Factory selects partners that are respectful of people and of the planet to create or source its products.

Our wildlife portrait stationery is printed on 100% biodegradable, natural seed paper that turns into beautiful wildflowers if planted in soil. For our printed material we choose quality recycled papers.

Our bespoke jewellery collection, The Wild Charm, is manufactured by Desert Diamonds using diamond simulants of striking quality that are conflict-free and avoid the impact of mining on the environment.

The photographers selected to supply our stunning wildlife and landscape images are known for their commitment towards the environment of the regions they celebrate through the lens.

Eco-friendly luxury weddings will be developed thanks to the synergy forged between France and Italy under The Wild Charm Wedding brand.

The Wild Charm Factory pledges to devolve a percentage of all sales to biodiversity and wildlife conservation projects conducted by NGOs, such as the League pour la Protection des Oiseaux in France.

Our packaging is supplied mainly by Raja, who through the Raja foundation supports the financial empowerment of women in underprivileged communities while utilising reusable plastics; production plants are based in France and Europe to shorten the supply chain and limit CO2 emissions.

Last but not least, we have chosen Colissimo, the most advanced CO2 neutral delivery service in France, for the international shipment of our products.