Special Places

To live the wild along ancient paths, in vibrant countryside or peaceful highlands is to appreciate the beauty and resilience of Nature. I share here the possible experiences, the traits, flavours or traditions, but also the inspiring art and history, found in these places of wonder.

Silvana Olivo

Eastern France Countryside:

Isère and Burgundy

Isère's valleys are surrounded by dramatic mountain views and filled with history and music, while further north Burgundy is known not only for its legendary wine!

Flavours and crossroads

When you are looking for hawks in corn fields while tasting the local 'Damnation' fine chocolates and you discover where Johan Jonkhind, the precursor of Impressionism, painted his best watercolours, or the house of the greatest composer of romantic music , Berlioz... you know you're on a good track.

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Thomas Capelli

The French Prealps:

The Chartreuse and surrounding mountains

A place where on clear days the horizon stretches forever, embracing valleys and plateaus on one side, higher peaks and chains on the other: the Chartreuse is at the heart of this astounding scenery.

Beauty and resilience

Not only canyoning and via ferrata’s and protected parks with a profusion of alpine fauna and flora... The French Prealps also harboured one of the capitals of the WWII Resistance (Vercors), and a cradle for the diffusion of religious Hermitages in the Middle Ages (Chartreuse).

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Maurizio Biancarelli

Wild Heart of Italy:

The Apennines in Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo

You could get lost in deep beech forests, cross flowery meadows or climb wild rocks and hear the golden eagle’s cry, while you still cherish in your heart the sound of the ancient bells of medieval monasteries.

Ancient paths

What could be more intriguing than planning excursions along themed itineraries that include both biodiversity protection hotspots and highlights of the Italian unparalleled historical heritage?...Especially since they're steeped in culinary delights! Tuscany and Umbria are great for all three aspects.

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